Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

“I just left the shop after getting my second tattoo by Anna. She is AMAZING. I would recommend her to anyone and will never get work done by anyone else! She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease and does an amazing job at giving you exactly what you want. Love her!” – Beth S. Norwood, MA

“I’ve been working with Anna, the owner of Art & Soul, for over three years now. She has done my half sleeve and a big leg piece of mine- one black and white/ one color. She is AMAZING and should not be underestimated as a business owner or an artist. Ben is a great guy and makes you feel welcome in the shop. Every idea I have ever given Anna, she has done her own twist on it, and I love it! She is everything I look for in a tattoo artist, and have suggested her shop to many friends and family. I’m grateful to have such a well rounded and experienced artist in charge of my tattoos! Keep up the great work guys!” – Alison F. Franklin, MA

“Most amazing tattoo experience of my life. Anna, the owner, has put her heart and soul into this shop! She gave me exactly what I wanted. Two pieces, so far. One, my sons hand print, looks so realistic, on my left wrist. Everyone compliments it! The other a memorial to my niece. Absolutely stunning. Both very emotional and she captured them perfectly!!! She is by the book, extremely clean and sterile. Very professional, in accordance will all safety regulations. This is her passion, you need to share it with her!!!! :-)”  Jess L. Mansfield, MA

“Went there for my first tattoo and Anna made me feel really comfortable.  She does amazing work and runs a fantastic shop! I’ll definitely be going there for all of my future artwork!”  – Kate S. Mansfield, MA

“Art and soul tattoo is a wonderful place!! I have gone there for all 3 of my tattoos and I don’t think I’d go anywhere else! All the employees are respectful, responsible and professional. It is a clean and happy environment. You know how you can just tell when people actually care? Well the folks at art and soul really do care and you know it the moment you walk in the door!! Keep up the great work guys!!!! :)”  – Christa L. Franklin, MA

“I’ve always been skeptical about getting tattooed. I’ve always wanted one, but the countless horror stories and regrets I’ve heard have encouraged me to keep my distance. I walked into Art and Soul one day and immediately felt welcome and at ease. 1) It’s pristine. Everything is clean and orderly , 2) The staff is incredibly friendly and has a knack for relating to anyone who walks through the door which makes one feel very at ease, 3) The artists are absolutely awesome at what they do.4) They are extremely professional – a rarity these days!
I got my first tattoo here a couple months ago and would recommend this to anyone looking to get tattooed. I’ve been in a dozen or so tattoo shops around the Boston/RI area and this is BY FAR the cleanest, friendliest, and most professional shop I’ve seen.
Anna made me feel comfortable and eased my nervousness about getting my first tattoo.  There were and still are no issues with my tattoo.  It healed amazingly fast and the lines remained nice and crisp. I’m already planning my second tattoo because I love her art work  and have finally found a tattoo shop I trust!
Also, a huge bonus in my opinion is that they carry Burt’s Bees products. I used their lotion on my tattoo and it felt great without being greasy and you don’t need much of it during the healing process. I love that they carry Burt’s Bees and support this organic trade. It’s better for you, and it helps the earth so it’s a win- win.
The prices are also very reasonable. If you’re looking for a place to get your next tattoo, I wouldn’t recommend any other place.” – Paula M Allson, MA

“Best place ever!!! Office manager makes sure you completely understand what is happening, and artists are all fantastic! Spent 6 hrs with Anna for the first sitting of my piece and can not wait to go back next month and finish it. A tattoo is forever and the impression you get from the shop and artists is so important, you want a relaxing, exciting and happy moment to last forever too, thank you for giving that to me. I will recommend you to everyone I know.” 🙂 – Beth R. Attleboro, MA

“Great People! Great Shop! Great Tattoo Work!
What makes this shop stand out for me is the people.  I went 13 years without getting any work done primarily because I never felt comfortable in other shops.  I remember going into shops looking to get work done and feeling out of place or like I wasn’t part of the “clique”.  At Art & Soul, I felt comfortable and welcomed from the start.  It’s cool to be around regular people who happen to tattoo, but being tattooed isn’t who they are. Thank You to Anna! She has truly put her ‘Art & Soul’ into this shop. “-Frank P. Plymouth,MA

“Art and Soul is THE best tattoo shop! If you want quality this is the place! Great Employees great atmosphere! Anna did my back and it looks spot on let her use her imagination and you be very happy with your art. I will be back for every tattoo I get and will tell all my friends to check it out! Professional clean shop overall PERFECT!” – Peter G Attleboro, MA

“A fantastic tattoo experience. I would recommend Art and Soul to anyone getting their first tattoo or an inked out veteran.”  – M.T.M. Braintree, MA

“Art & soul is amazing! I tell everyone to go there. Anna is truly a gifted artist and the service there is awesome! Everyone there is professional yet definitely help with any nerves you may have about getting a tattoo. Art & Soul is the only place I’ll go for my tattoos!”  – Amberly K. Mansfield, MA

“Anna is an amazing artist. She has an awesome shop. Its clean and all the workers are very pleasant. I go there for all my tattoos and my wife does too.” – Pat R. Mansfield, MA

“Love this tattoo shop! Everyone is so helpful and professional. The owner is a really gifted artist. They are a very clean and it is a well run shop. They also do a lot of charity work which is awesome. Recommend to anyone looking for a great tattoo artist!!”  -Jessica K. Ashland, MA.


“I am just home from my first session at Art and Soul with Anna. To put it briefly, it was a great experience, and I am VERY happy with the work. Anna worked with me in the weeks preceding my appointment to get the design just how I wanted it. She showed me her first stencil, I said “Can we do blah blah?” and POOF, she had in nailed in a couple of minutes with a quick tweak. She also made a suggestion for a color idea that really makes the whole piece work, and pop. The whole crew, and the intimate small shop atmosphere, as well as their patience to work with you, and desire to make sure that your art and experience exceed your hopes make this a shop that you should not overlook. I am already planning my next piece with Anna (and she knows it, lol). Anna works at a good pace, but you are free to take a breather with no pressure at any time during the tattooing process. I sat with her for a little over 2 hours, and we had a great time talking about all sorts of random stuff. Thanks, Guys! – Chris

“Art and Soul Tattoo is a great shop. Met Anna at a previous shop and she was great the first time around…. went back 3 years later to get a touch-up, she did an amazing amazing job. It has been nothing but a great experience when dealing with Anna and the shop itself. I would recommend this shop to everyone. A big thanks to Art and Soul.” – Cory

“i recently got my 2nd tattoo from anna and it came out awesome!! her work is amazing and you can tell she really cares about her clients. the whole staff was super friendly and i cannot wait to go back and get my 3rd one from her!” – Jan

“I have wanted a special tattoo that commemorates 9/11 for quite some time. I heard about Anna through a casual acquaintance, and so I decided to meet with her. I am so glad that I did. Her shop is clean, and her staff is friendly. Anna spent some serious time researching and designing the art work. She is truly an artist who makes your entire experience satisfying. I would recommend her to anyone who is considering a tat. Thank you Anna” – Bob G.

“Five hours ago I was sitting in Anna’s chair getting tattooed. This was my second tattoo from Anna and I’m so pleased not only with her work but with the courtesy and respect her and her staff treats their clients with. Reasonable prices, awesome employees to talk to, cleanest shop I’ve ever seen, and a only a few artists so its a very intimate experience….What more could one ask of when picking somewhere to get tatted? Art & Soul is the SPOT!!! Thank you all for some awesome body art and a good time!” – Eddie

“I have been my tattoos done by Anna (at Art and Soul Tattoo) for years now, and I cannot ask for a better artist. All of the staff are incredibly nice and always willing to work with you. I have recommended many people to them, and will continue to do so.” – Nicole

“Anna and everyone at Art and Soul are the best people I’ve ever met in a tattoo shop. Not only is the quality of tattoos amazing, but it’s filled with that welcoming feel most tattoo shops don’t have. I’ve gotten work done before at other places, and now have made this the only tattoo shop I would go to for my tattoos. Anna is an amazing artist and probably one of the nicest and inviting individuals I’ve ever met! Go to art and soul if you want a great tattoo experience!” – Sean

“Anna was recommended to me by an old friend. I wanted to do a tattoo in memory of my dad. I approached Anna with my idea and expressed how much doing this tattoo meant to me. I’ve had other tattoos done at other parlors and they don’t seem to care. Anna was very understanding and did an amazing job with my tattoo. I have gotten two of my favorite pieces from Anna. I plan on getting more in the future. Her shop and employees are the most down to earth people you will ever meet. So if you’re looking for great people to do an amazing tattoo Art and Soul is the way to go :)” – Pink Princess

“Anna does the most amazing work! I will forever be a true fan! Can’t wait for more ink! Can’t get enough.” – Danielle

“I have been a customer of Anna’s for quite a while now and can truly say that Art and Soul tattoo parlor is the best place to go for a tattoo. Not only is the shop clean but the staff is amazing and they always make you feel welcome. I recommend the shop to everyone I know and anyone who asks me about my tattoos. This is definitely the shop to go to if you live around the Mansfield/Sharon area.” – Boo

“I recently got a tattoo at Art & Soul Tattoo in Mansfield, MA. It was a really great experience with very down to Earth people in a relaxed, clean and fun place. The staff was really helpful in making sure that I was comfortable and got the best tattoo I could get. I was looking for a shop close to me to do a memorial piece for my friend who just passed away. I did check out some other places but found that they were not willing to take the time to make sure that I actually got what I wanted. The shop owner was really accommodating with my schedule and with making sure that I was making smart decisions. We did an initial consult so I could explain to her exactly what I wanted. We then set up an appointment and I got to come in beforehand to see the finished design, which was more than I could have asked for. It captured everything I wanted it to be. Thanks to the shop owner, Anna, I had a great time and could not be happier with the end result. I will definitely be back for more work and I am already sending as many people as I can their way!” – Josh

“Thank you!! Great experience. Very clean. Friendly and welcoming. Would recommend highly.” – Sskyles220

“I meet Anna 4~5 years ago at another shop and she has been doing work on me ever since. I have had at least 3 other artist do work on me before Anna but it took 1 time with Anna to know that I have the one that I want doing my art work and would not go else were. When you are going to make a life time change on your body you better trust and be comfortable with the person that is going to do that to you and she is a great artist and a great person. The reason I go to Anna is she does this because she loves it too and it is not just for the $$, Art is in her Soul !!” – Sumday

“I love Art & Soul! Anna is an incredible artist! She’s done a great job on her shop! Her staff is so friendly and all of the artists are amazing. Anna has done 11 tattoos on me and I plan on many more. Anna is a great person and I consider myself lucky to have such a great artist tattooing me. I’ve sent many friends there. I highly recommend Art & Soul! Thanks Anna!” – Melissa

“The artists are super talented and when I was in I was treated very well and felt very much at home. It’s an inviting space and there where plenty of other customers in who seemed very happy with the work being done and the way they were being treated. I found my way to Art & Soul after first visiting another shop in the same area where I was treated really poorly. I am super happy with Art and Soul Tattoo. Thanks to Anna and the rest of the staff there! :)” – Kerri